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Truro Songfest 2017 - media prepared

Truro, Cornwall Music Education Hub (CMEH) held the first of six Songfest concerts, to be held across the county, in the Hall for Cornwall, Tuesday 28th February 2017. Contact CMEH manager Tanya Moore on 01872 323047.

Gallery 1: media prepared photos (56 images) from rehearsals and evening performance.

View separate Gallery 2 for individual performances uploaded where requested. In total, over 2,600 photos taken of this event, if you cannot see yourself or want to view additional photos of your performance, contact photographer.

An evening of entertainment celebrating singing, with his year's feature programme, 'Rockin' All Over the World', focussed on music from around the globe, with songs in several different languages put together by Vocal Strategy Lead, Angela Renshaw, supported by Patrick Bailey and other vocal leaders. Act 1 featuring individual performances including vocal soloist Cali Sage, vocal duet Hollie Bowden and Phoebe Mann, piano/vocal duet Poppy Walker and Tilly Horton, Cambiata Choir, Senior Girls Vocal Group, Cornwall Boys Choir, Cornwall Girls Choir, Cornwall County Youth Choir. Act 2 with the performance of 'Rockin' All Over the World', 240 strong massed children's choir from 14 different schools, including children from Bude Junior, Camelford, Cusgarne, Marhamchurch, Mithian, Sandy Hill, St Columb Major, St Columb Minor, St Petroc's Bude, St Stephen's Churchtown, Truro Prep, Tregoils, Trevisker, Wadebridge.

Photos by Peter Glaser Photography
01208 851744 / 07771 736445 /

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